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These drawings illustrate the work of Jared Flynn. VTStone

Excerpt from his website (find more of his work there)

"In 2010, Flynn founded The Stone Trust, a Vermont not-for-profit with the mission to preserve the art and craft of dry stone walling. Flynn’s work with Landmark Trust USA, the DSWA, and the Stone Trust provided the support needed to build “The Stone Trust Center” – a public space open year round that offers the highest level of dry stone walling educational opportunities for all levels of interest with the most extensive collection of dry stone Ffences in North America.

As a DSWA certified instructor Flynn supports the community of workshop walling enthusiasts and the pool of qualified instructors. With a Master Craftsman certificate, Flynn is one of six North American DSWA Examiners who assess test candidates work and their professional development with the DSWA Craftsman Certification Scheme. Flynn serves as The Stone Trust’s Workshop and Test Site Coordinator, facilitating workshops and DSWA test days for candidates and examiners."